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Driver Behavior Profiling

Where rewards meet safety

Profiling the driver behavior in real-time based on the data collected from vehicles to arrive at safety rankings and creating personalized insurance plans is a proven method of reducing the costs and rewarding the safe practices.

Complex event processing engines built with machine learning rules derived from historical data mining help identify the deviations from established procedures and raise alerts in cases of asset misuse, theft, speed and fencing violations.

Drivers' real-time performance is calculated on the fly from the data collected through vehicle on-board sensors, with the goal of arriving at a safety ranking for the driver, and sub-goals of measuring the fuel-efficiency and energy savings. During a trip data gets collected on:
  • Acceleration patterns
  • Breaking patterns
  • Speed patterns
  • Idling duration etc.
parameters and gets stored on-board for off-line journey analytics at a later point of time, or gets relayed to central analytics servers for immediate real-time processing. Advanced light-weight real-time communication protocols and technologies such as:
  • WiFi / Mobile GPRS, 2G, 3G, LTE
  • ZeroMQ, MQTT, XMPP, ZigBee, WebRTC
play prominent role in achieving this. The monitoring system generates cautionary audible alerts for drivers in case of anomalous behavior, such as pertaining to:
  • Sudden acceleration / deceleration
  • Hard-braking
  • Tire pressure
  • Riding the brakes
  • Over-speeding in low-speed zones
  • Not maintaining speed in high-speed lanes
  • Jumping the signals / red-lights
  • Idling for longer than x minutes (configurable)

Fleet Management Analytics

Following an integrated approach for increased safety, improved asset usage, reduced maintenance and operational costs, fleet management analytics provides a comprehensive solution for both administrators and fleet operators.

For drivers and vehicle operators, it offers below benefits:
  • Work-Life balance with predictable schedules
  • Turn-key solution with zero paper-work
  • Increased on-road safety
  • Navigational helpers and landmark guides
For administrators, the fleet management analytics provides below benefits:
  • Reduced Maintenance costs with Predictive maintenance
  • Increased Asset usage with zero unplanned downtime
  • Reduced Operational costs and eliminated idle times with smart scheduling
  • Improved customer loyalty with on-time deliveries
  • Theft and misuse prevention with real-time asset tracking

Cenacle Fleet Management Analytics solution is available as a cloud based M2M Telematics platform that requires no upfront investment and allows pay as you go billing.

Reduction in maintenance costs 50 to 80%
Machine breakdown elimination 50 to 60%
Spare Parts inventories reduced 20 to 30%
Machine downtime reduced 50 to 80%
Overtime expenses reduced 20 to 50%
Asset life increased 20 to 40%
Overall productivity increased 20 to 30%
Profit increased 25 to 60%
Table 1: Savings expected from predictive maintenance using the fleet management analytics solutions

Real-time Streaming Analytics

Asset Condition Monitoring & Fraud Prevention

Vehicle Utialization Analysis reveals Driver Behavioral Habits

Vehicle Utilization Analytics

Advanced analytics algorithms run on historical journey data collected from vehicles through On-board Diagnostic (OBD) sensors and GPS utilities give accurate information on the vehicle speeding patterns, Mileage, breaking patterns, Gear positions and regular treading patterns. This information helps in accurately profiling the nature of the driver and condition of the vehicle, and aids in designing the warranty schemes and predictive maintenance schedules.

Advanced Routing Algorithms in AI help in Optimizing Logistic Delivery Planning

Dynamic Scheduling Assistance

Decision support systems built on real-time monitoring and control help achieve increased supply chain efficiency with greater integration across delivery chains, inventory optimization and asset productivity. Shortened lead and turn-around times improve the customer satisfaction ratings, while the demand-driven operations reduce the costs and eliminate waste. Traceability and recall abilities help detect and prevent fraud in real-time, with increased auditing compliances.

Asset Management

Insuring the Safety & Security

Fleet position Tracking system by Cenacle Research

Fleet Tracking

Track your assets in Real-time

Monitor deviations from the normal operations to raise alerts, e.g. asset moved without authorization, vehicle stolen or deviated from prescribed route.

Gather Fuel usage, Torque, RPM, Gear position and more details in real-time for Driving behavior & performance analysis

Utilization Analytics

Assess your Assets' Performance

Analyze the fuel usage, rpm, gear shifting, speeding and braking patterns to profile the asset and arrive at optimal insurance premium.

Logistics Delivery tracking system by Cenacle Research

Real-time Updates

Monitor Delivery & SLA compliance

Eliminate fraudulent claims with real-time event updates. AI algorithms processing complex sequence of events help you make timely decisions.

Personalized Offerings

Know them to serve them better

Behavioral profiling the individuals to arrive at safety rankings helps you personalize the insurance offerings that are both optimal and rewarding.