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  • Blockchain Solutions by Cenacle
    Smart Grid Solutions
    for Renewable Energy Sources
  • Monitor Vehicle Condition with Realtime Sensors for Predictive Maintenance
    Eliminate Costly Breakdowns with
    M2M Solutions
    Condition-based Predictive Maintenance
  • Vehicle in Remote Location - Stay Connected
    Discover Hidden Patterns ...
    with BigData Analytics
  • M2M Telematics Solutions by Cenacle
    Telematics Solutions
    Smart Agricultural Units
  • Internet of Things by Cenacle
    IOT Devices
    Sensor Networks
    Cloud Storage
    Remote Monitoring & Control

Cenacle: Your Research Partner


At Cenacle we help transform your ideas into practical reality with customized research that suits your business culture and goals. Be it Technology, Services, Products or Business Strategy, our range of Research service offerings can help you in engineering the creativity.

Cenacle offers customized advanced research facilities

Advanced Research

Alternate Energy & Renewable Sources, Bio-metrics implementation, Document & Cultural Preservation, Media & Publishing ...

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Cenacle Methodologies always ensure accurate results

Accurate Results

Our proven research methodologies yield accurate results with actionable insights into the fundamental nature of the problem ...

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Try free Management and Strategy Consultation in Big Data Analytics, M2M, Telematics, IOT, Smart Cities by Cenacle

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Get in touch for free consultation on any field of your choice. If we fail to impress you, will give away all our research for free ...

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About Us

Cenacle is a clique of researchers with 15+ to 30+ years experience in different fields of research ranging from Automotive, Health-care, Retail, BFSI, Telecom to Information Technology, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our research methods are customized to the tune of our vast collective experience, providing value-add to the fundamental research outcomes.

  • Cenacle provide Research outsourcing services
  • Cenacle provides free consultation services
  • Cenacle provides Education training services
  • Cenacle provides Corporate Strategy consultations

Innovation through Research and Engineering the creativity, is what we do at Cenacle. Our research methodologies are always fitted with practical feasibility and applicability metrics focused around the business value they generate. At Cenacle we consider the value-add our research brings to the customer a serious success metric. Research with a focused objective and getting it right the first time are our key driving factors.

About Cenacle®

Cenacle Research India Private Limited is a privately held research organization functioning with the sole purpose of improving the standards and quality of human-life with the betterment and application of advanced technology, products, services and management.

Driven by industry experts from various fields, Cenacle is a symbol of trust for many researchers, thanks to our numerous open-source research contributions and a growing list of high-quality low-cost research consultancy offerings.

At Cenacle we partner with industry leaders from different verticals to take part in and drive the continual-improvement processes that result in better research outcomes. Our research methodologies are fine-tuned to address the diversified needs of disparate functional silos, creating a synergetic consultation offering that is both unique and highly qualified to solve any fundamental research problem at hand that one may come across in their business operations.

Cenacle® is Registered Trademark of Cenacle Research India Private Limited.

Our Research Offerings
As your research partner in Technology we help you fill the gap between your existing technology stack and emerging technologies, including:
  • Converting business ideas into new architectures from scratch
  • Redesigning existing systems to take advantage of technology advancements
  • Train/mentor and grow your resource pool in technologies of your choice
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As your research partner in Services, Cenacle helps identify your service bottlenecks and improve the overall quality and customer satisfaction (CSAT), including:
  • Advising the right service framework for your business and helping you implement it correctly (such as ITIL, MOF, Lean Six-Sigma etc.)
  • Identifying the bottlenecks in your service delivery quality and eliminating the waste
  • Identifying the key process areas (KPA) for your business and design service metrics that can help you measure, monitor and control the business functions
  • Train/mentor your staff on various operations' frameworks and quality initiatives
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As your research partner in Products, Cenacle helps transform your business ideas into product architectures and technology designs, including:
  • Identifying the right technology stack for realizing your product vision
  • Designing the right architecture that can meet your present product ideas and future expansion needs
  • Training/Mentoring your employees on all the technology stacks relevant
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As your research partner in Strategy, Cenacle helps you form an executive strategy that is aligned to your overall business vision, including:
  • Identifying the long-term and short-term goals for your business
  • Creating sustainable revenue generation opportunities aligned with the long-term and short-term goals
  • Train/mentor your C-level executives on advanced business strategies, such as the Turn-around strategy, Delta-Model so on.

Our Services

Innovation through Research & Engineering the Creativity.
Fine-tuned to your needs, our offerings always meet the highest expectations.

Cenacle provides Research Services


M2M Telematics, IOT, Sensor Networks, Predictive Analytics

Cenacle provides Publication Services


ITSM, ITIL, Big-data, Game Programming, Epidemic Outbreaks

Cenacle provides Advisory Services


Alternate Energy Sources, Bio-Metrics, Distributed computing

Cenacle provides OEM Services

OEM Development

Big-data Analytics, Recommendation Engines, Reliability Prediction

Cenacle provides Executive Strategy Consultation Services

Executive Strategy

Turn-around Strategy, Big-data adaptation, ITSM implementation

Cenacle provides Educational Training Services

Education / Training

AI, BlockChain, Simulation, Modeling, Editing, Animation, Special Effects

Our Previous Work

From Personalized Medicine to Decision Support Systems and AI,
Predictive Maintenance to Smart Grid and Blockchain Analytics - we have served all branches of Social Sciences.

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Write to us to know more about our offerings.
Be it a query or a kudos note, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Cenacle is one stop solution for all your technology and solution needs. From conceptual stage through ideation and executive strategy, our research efforts find their place in many different fields of application, ranging from Agricultural automation, Wearable medical sensors, Bio-metric implementations to Big-data predictive analytics, IT service management, Human-Machine Interfacing, Plant maintenance & cost optimization, Oil pipeline monitoring, Health-care Decision Support Systems, Programmable Blockchain so on.

Corporate Office: Vijayawada, Andhrapradesh, IN 520004

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